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TFT tapping in Kent

"Our overall experience of therapy was 100% positive! The sessions far exceeded my expectations and my daughter felt very comfortable in the sessions. We were both put at ease from the minute our appointment started and we both felt that we could talk about any of our problems, however uncomfortable that may have been. The main features that I think helped Rosie was the 'worry tree' and the 'tapping' lessons that we had to reduce her anxiety. These worked extremely well for her. Marcia has an extremely friendly, welcoming and understanding nature which put us both at ease from the minute we met her, we were both very lucky to have had the pleasure of her helping us! We would certainly go back to Marcia in the future, should we need to, she gave us great confidence that our problems could be solved, and they were!"


Helen H, Ashford, Kent  

Thought Field Therapy (TFT)

Thought Field Therapy involves tapping various acupuncture points on the body whilst focusing on the issue you would like to change.  Tapping is an extremely simple yet very effective technique.  It is brilliant at helping to reduce anxiety, cravings and stress.  It is amazing at helping people suffering with trauma and PTSD. Marcia trained with Dr Roger Callahan the developer of TFT and has trained up to trainer level.


The development of TFT started over 20 years ago by Dr Roger Callahan a doctor of psychology. Dr Callahan had been seeing a lady called Mary who had a severe water phobia – she couldn’t go out in the rain or even have a shower - it was that bad. Dr Callahan saw Mary for 18 months using all the techniques of the time, and there was little improvement. He attended a course on a therapy called kinesiology and learnt about the different meridian points in the body. Mary complained that her fear was like a terrible feeling at the pit of her stomach – so he asked Mary to tap on the stomach meridian point under her eye – as an experiment. From that moment on Mary's phobia disappeared completely and never returned. They were both astounded.


Dr Callahan then went on to develop more tapping sequences to cover a multitude of problems. Dr Callahan believes that disturbances in the body's flow of energy causes psychological problems. He calls these disturbances perturbations. For TFT to work, the person has to think about the problem – which tunes that person into the thought field. They then have to follow a specific tapping routine which depends on the problem at hand. This process help to remove the disturbance in the body's energy flow – therefore removing the problem. Dr Callahan believes that this process taps into the body's natural healing code.


You may have heard TFT called EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). EFT was developed by Gary Craig who was a pupil of Dr Callahan and it was developed from TFT and is basically very similar. The main difference you may notice is that EFT still uses affirmations when tapping. Dr Callahan found that affirmations didn't make any difference to the success of tapping so they stopped using them several years ago.


Try TFT for free for yourself by watching the video on our self help page.


We offer TFT tapping and training at Abbey Place Clinic in Faversham, Kent so we are ideally placed if you are looking for a tapping TFT therapist in Kent.



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