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"Our overall experience of therapy was 100% positive! The sessions far exceeded my expectations and my daughter felt very comfortable in the sessions. We were both put at ease from the minute our appointment started and we both felt that we could talk about any of our problems, however uncomfortable that may have been. The main features that I think helped Rosie was the 'worry tree' and the 'tapping' lessons that we had to reduce her anxiety. These worked extremely well for her. Marcia has an extremely friendly, welcoming and understanding nature which put us both at ease from the minute we met her, we were both very lucky to have had the pleasure of her helping us! We would certainly go back to Marcia in the future, should we need to, she gave us great confidence that our problems could be solved, and they were!"


Helen H, Ashford, Kent  

Therapy for Children

At Life Clinics we also work with children from the age of 5. Sessions tend to last around 30 minutes (for children aged 14 and over they are generally treated in the same way as adults) . Parents of children can be surprised that Hypnotherapy with younger children can appear very different to that of adults. They don't tend to sit still for a start, they usually still move around, have their eyes open and don't relax like an older child or adult would.


Young children are usually in the right state of mind most of the time naturally as they are so in touch with their imagination, so hypnotherapy for them is a matter of engaging their imagination in a session that can make the positive changes.  Therefore Hypnotherapy for children is very different than with older children and adults whom tend to need more formal methods like relaxation first to enable them to access this part of their mind. We are likely to engage their imagination which accesses their subconcious mind using tools like story telling and play.


We are also likely to teach children tapping (thought field therapy) as this is easy and very effective and children tend to love it too! Common issues we see children for Include:


  • Anxieties including school, test and exam anxieties
  • Worries
  • Phobias
  • Fears
  • Confidence issues
  • Trauma
  • Anger problems
  • Insomnia
  • Bed wetting


"I approached Julie after much research into the best methods available to help my son resolve a number of very serious phobias he has had since a young child. As he was now 15 it was beginning to interfere with his school work, especially Biology and Sports Science, the reason for this was due to his phobias being, blood, bones and the heart.


Julie very quickly established herself as his confident and between them they worked together over 6 weeks, working through his very severe reactions he had just even talking about these subjects.


The NLP and Hypnosis along with some immediate visualisation processes meant he could see and feel improvements by week 2. He realised by changing his thought process he could overcome the challenges that had been there all his life. He looked forward to each meeting, knowing he was heading towards a worry free life and as a result his confidence grew.


Julie is now a very special person in our lives and our son no longer even remembers what or why bones, blood and the heart ever gave him any issues. Quite frankly, it’s a miracle!"


Mrs H, Kent

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