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"Hi Marcia - I just wanted to update you on progress. I'm extremely happy to report that I have been a non smoker for a week now and am definitely feeling the benefits already from our session, both mentally and physically. The tapping exercise has been particularly invaluable and has been put to the test several times already during some very stressful moments! I love the self hypnosis recording and have been raving about you to people!! You gave me the tools to change my life and I have. The knock on affects of feeling calm and letting things wash over me has transformed me lol!!! Thank you so much."


Claire, Faversham, Kent

Stop Smoking

Take that step


At Life Clinics we offer you a revolutionary and unique approach combining the powerful tools of Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Thought Field Therapy (TFT) to help you stop smoking easily and quickly!!


Independent research has shown that Hypnosis is the most successful way to stop smoking—it is 5 times more successful for helping people to stop smoking than using willpower alone and 3 times more successful than using nicotine replacement products.


Your session


At Life Clinics our Hypnotherapists have helped hundreds of people to stop smoking. During your double stop smoking session we will help you to identify why you smoke. We will explain the psychology behind smoking and we will show you fantastic techniques which will help you take away any worries you may have about stopping smoking (i.e. fear of failure, fear of putting on weight –with Hypnotherapy this shouldn’t happen). Most importantly we will show you a technique that banishes cravings in minutes and is successful in over 90% of people. Then you will be led into a relaxed state –similar to daydreaming -using a gentle guiding voice so that powerful suggestions can be absorbed by your subconscious mind ensuring you stop smoking easily and quickly.


After session care


The help doesn’t stop there after your session you will be given a free self-hypnosis CD to help reinforce the powerful suggestions from your session.  Your cd also includes a free relaxation track. You will be given a free success handbook which is packed with information and techniques to ensure your success.  Not only that but if you go through a difficult patch you can come back for a booster session free of charge.


We work with clients from across Kent including Canterbury, Whitstable, Sittingbourne and Maidstone. We also see clients from further away including London as our clinic is based close to public transport with train links to London in around 1 hour. So if you are looking for a hypnotherapist in Kent or Hypnotherapy near London we can help.


So what are you waiting for? . . .  BOOK TODAY!!  


Smoking - The Facts!


Deadly mix

Tobacco smoke contains over 4000 chemicals. Hundreds are poisonous and many cause cancer. The worse ones include Nicotine - a drug that affects the brain and the heart. Nicotine is a highly toxic nerve chemical. It constricts the arteries and at the same time speeds everything up— it is not relaxing to the body.  Then there's tar. Burning tobacco creates tar - similar to what's on roads. Sticky tar coats and damages the lungs making it hard to breathe. Tar causes throat and lung cancer. Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas that starves the body of oxygen. It makes blood thick and sticky and more likely to clot.


Also included in this deadly mix is ammonia, cyanide, arsenic, benzene, formaldehyde and DDT.


Your looks

Smoking destroys your appearance. Smokers have dull complexions, age early and by the age of 40 have wrinkles of someone 20 years older, who doesn't smoke. That's because smokers have to manage on less oxygen. The body needs oxygen to keep the skin healthy and to make new cells to replace the old ones. Also smokers suffer with yellow teeth and fingers, bleeding gums and bad breath.



The average smoker spends £2000 a year on cigarettes, that’s a good holiday or two!  That’s £100,000 during the smokers life time (the average smoker dies aged 65).



Smoking causes 114,000 deaths every year.  Half of all smokers will die from it.  Also you may have to have a limb amputated or suffer with severe breathing problems, like emphysema.



The Good News!


Your Body is a self-healing machine - the benefits from stopping smoking start just 20 minutes after you put out that last cigarette.



Time Stopped

20 minutes Blood pressure drops to normal.

Pulse rate drops to normal.

Temperature of hands and feet returns to normal.


8 hours Carbon monoxide level in blood drops to normal.

Oxygen level in blood increases to normal.


24 hours - 48 hours Chance of heart attack decreased.

Nerve endings start to re-grow.

Smell and taste improves.


2 weeks - 3 months Circulation improves, exercise, including walking becomes easier.

Lung function increased by up to ⅓.


1 month - 9 months Energy levels increase.

Coughing, sinus problems, tiredness, shortness of breath all decrease.

Lung's self-maintenance improves as cilia re-grows.


1 year Excess risk of heart disease is halved. Recovery rate from heart bypass surgery almost doubled.


2½ years - 5 years Lung cancer death rate for average former smoker almost halved and risk of mouth and throat cancer halved.


5 years - 10 years Risk of stroke similar to non-smoker.


10 years Lung cancer death rate the same as for non-smokers.

Pre-cancerous cells have been replaced.

Risk of cancer of mouth, throat, bladder, kidneys, pancreas decreases.


10 years - 15 years Risk of heart disease is that of a non-smoker.



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