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Self Help

At Life Clinics, if you can't afford face to face sessions we can still help. On this page you will find some free help and resources as well as some options to purchase hypnosis recordings. We can create a custom hypnotherapy recording that is focused on what you need. These recordings tend to be more effective than off the shelf recordings as they are catered uniquely for your needs. It also means we can help you wherever you might live in the world.  This option can save you a fortune on one to one sessions as you can listen to the recording again and again reinforcing the powerful suggestions we create just for you. Here is what a recent happy client said about his experience of purchasing a custom made recording -




 'After working with Ms. Tillman on a self hypnosis project I had, I can honestly say that her abilities, cooperation, and the final outcome of our work surpassed anything I initially expected. She is not only a highly skilled and competent hypnotherapist, but she is very considerate about the client's creativity and input; unlike many therapists who insist that everything stay within very narrow confines and processes. Marcia Tillman is genuinely innovative in the way she approaches therapy, and that is both a rare and remarkable quality to find in those involved in her profession. Working with her was a most rewarding experience! "5 Stars" easily and hands down.'


K.B.Granlund, Canada


Are you Anxious? Stressed? Suffered a Trauma? Try the technique shown in this free video we have produced. It involves tapping on various acupuncture points and is effective for most people. It may seem a little silly but it really works, it really has changed the lives of thousands of people!


Free Self Help Video

Banish Anxiety & Stress with Tapping



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We will discuss your needs together via email so that we can get all the information we require to make produce the perfect custom made hypnosis recording catered for you. You can choose to have your recording delivered electronically as an mp3 or burnt to CD and posted to you


Learn how to relax yourself and experience self hypnosis by following these 5 easy steps. Really helpful for relieving stress and anxiety and can also help you sleep better. You can choose to have your recording delivered electronically as an mp3 or burnt to CD and posted to you


5 Steps to Self Hypnosis

Custom Recording

Custom Recording
5 Steps to Self Hypnosis


Free Self Help

Learn about change Unhelpful Thinking Habits

One of the things we notice when working with clients is how negative thinking habits can get in the way of a happy life. A lot of the time people don't even realise they are thinking that way. It is believed that we have around 50000 thoughts a day, if most of them are negative you can imagine how this can affect your mood! Take a look at this file that is available for you to download free courtesy of 'getselfhelp' , you will be amazed at how this will help you notice when you are getting into unhelpful thinking habits which will help you start to turn them around!


Download Pdf here - Unhelpful thinking habits

Free CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) Workbook

Help with Worries, Anxiety, Negative Thoughts and Low Mood


This workbook is packed with information, ideas and techniques to help you overcome worries, anxiety, negative thought patterns and low mood. It is easy to read and follow, can really make a difference and is completely free to download courtesy of 'getselfhelp'.


Download Pdf here - CBT workbook

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