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Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Neuro refers to the mind, linguistic is about language – how we use it and how it affects us, and programming is about our sequences of repetitive behaviour.


NLP began in the early 1970s with Richard Bandler a psychology student and John Grinder an assistant professor of linguistics. They developed a process called 'modelling' which they used to identify the sequence of ideas and behaviours which enables a person to achieve a particular task. At the beginning they modelled 3 people who were seen to be excellent at what they did – Fritz Perls – the innovative psychologist who invented Gestalt therapy, Milton Erickson a psychiatrist who used a particular style of Hypnotherapy using metaphors, and Virginia Satir a very successful family therapist. From models, NLP has devised a series of strategies and techniques to help us all reach our full potential, changing thoughts, behaviours and beliefs that limit us.


For example lets take spiders – some people hate spiders and some people have spiders as a pet. Why? Well it comes down to thoughts and beliefs that create the different behaviours.


Someone who doesn’t like spiders would probably imagine them in their head as bigger than they are, and close up – even crawling over them - perhaps on their face - and imagine themselves screaming in the presence of them – they may even have had a bad experience with one in their past – maybe an annoying brother had chased them with one.


The spider lover would probably imagine them true to size and at more of a distance – seeing their hairy legs as something to admire.


So if you had a fear of spiders a NLP practitioner would use strategies and techniques to help you to view a spider in a different way based on models of people who do not have the fear.


If you are looking for an NLP practitioner in Kent, then please contact us, we are based in Faversham which gives you easy access for travelling from across Kent including Canterbury, Sittingbourne, Whitstable and Herne Bay.

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