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Successful Weight Loss requires both Willpower and Motivation

Gastric band surgery is usually performed using keyhole surgery. During the procedure a band (which can be likened to a wristwatch) is fastened around the upper part of the stomach that creates a small pouch, which restricts the amount of food that can be eaten. A port is fitted at the same time as the band, which allows the size of the band to be adjusted. The gastric band helps weight loss by helping the person’s brain to think that the stomach is full.


How does the Virtual Gastric Hypno-Band work?


The virtual Hypno-Band weight loss system works in a similar way, but without the need for, and risks of surgery. Your subconscious mind is taken through the gastric band surgery procedure that encourages the stomach to tell the brain that it feels full with smaller portions. This enables you to eat less and feel full quicker, therefore losing weight.


The Hypno-Band weight loss system


Marcia Tillman is a Licensed Practitioner of the Hypno-Band Weight Loss System. The Hypno-Band system is most successful with people committed to making positive healthy changes to their life, and those that have a good level of susceptibility to hypnosis with a creative imagination. Most importantly the Hypno-Band is not a ‘quick fix’ – the person needs to be fully committed to changing their eating habits and lifestyle. An individual's suitability to the Hypno-Band system is assessed by Marcia in a free one-to-one meeting or telephone consultation. Marcia offers a whole range of services to help enable people to lose weight, and the Hypno-Band system is just one part of that. Therefore if a person is not suitable to the Hypno-Band system then other more suitable methods will be offered.


The idea of hypnotic gastric band surgery has been around for a while, but the Hypno-Band system integrates the behaviour modifying techniques of CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) with hypnotic gastric band to create the Hypno-Band weight loss system. The Hypno-Band system is designed to enable weight-loss in clinically obese people with a high Body Mass Index (BMI). It is conducted over a minimum of 4 sessions. Hypno-Band is a combination of suggestion, visualisation and CBT that combines to encourage the person’s subconscious mind to believe that they have undergone gastric band surgery, which thereby enables them to eat smaller portions and to be less hungry.


The Hypno-Band system is only licensed to fully trained and insured Hypnotherapists as it is recognised that we must address the person’s emotional and psychological issues to ensure the highest success rate. The ‘gastric band’ phase of the weight loss system is a tool that helps the client make the necessary changes.


90% of obesity is caused by overeating and lack of exercise; the Hypno-Band system promotes healthy eating and regular exercise. Clients are encouraged to have realistic goals of weight loss, and appropriate weight loss is seen to be between 1-4lbs a week, which are similar expectations to actual gastric band surgery.


Our weight loss systems can only help if you overeat.  If you cut down on food (i.e. have less than 2000 calories a day approx) and don't lose weight then this could indicate a health problem for which you should see your doctor for.


Our Kent Clinic is based in Faversham within easy reach for hypnoband clients from across the Kent area.


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