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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

FAQs Counselling and Hypnotherapy in Kent



Do I go to sleep?


No you do not go to sleep during hypnosis, you are just in an altered state similar to daydreaming.


Can anyone be hypnotised?


Almost - anyone who can focus and follow simple instructions can be hypnotised. Some people seem to have a natural talent for it, others need to learn the skill.


Am I out of control when hypnotised?


You are always in control, all hypnosis is self-hypnosis, the hypnotherapist is just an expert on how to help you become hypnotised. Once you are in this altered state the hypnotherapist can use several methods to promote changes that you want. A hypnotherapist does not have control over you, your mind will not accept anything that is said that goes against your beliefs or values.


Always make sure your Hypnotherapist is professionally trained and belongs to a professional board like The National Council of Hypnotherapy, whereby a member has to adhere to a strict code of conduct.


Will you use swinging watches?


Swinging watches is very much the 'old school' of hypnotherapy, most hypnotherapists use methods like relaxation, eye fixation (getting you to focus on a particular spot) and visualisation methods.


Will you make me run around the room acting like a chicken?


No :), please don't confuse a Professional Hypnotherapist with a stage hypnotist. Professional Hypnotherapy is about helping people to take control of their lives.


Can children benefit from hypnotherapy?


Children make excellent subjects! For Hypnotherapy and NLP, children need to be aged from around 5 years old. TFT is suitable for any age group - even babies.


Can I drive after my session?


After your Hypnotherapy, TFT or NLP session, you will be able to drive as well as you could before - unless you are coming to see me for your fear of driving (in which case you will be better)!


What do I need to wear to my session?


It is important that you feel relaxed during your session, so wear clothes that you feel comfortable in.


I have a problem that isn't on your list, can I still be helped?


The list is not exhaustive - most problems can be helped with a combination of the many tools that I use. Please contact me with your questions or any concerns that you have.




If your question has not been answered here, please contact us - We will be delighted to help.



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