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The Humanistic Model of Therapy


As a supervisor to counsellors, hypnotherapists and other therapists I find it really useful to take a look at the different models of therapy. This can help me to  understand the model my supervisees are working from.  I am an Integrative therapist which means I have my model of therapy that integrates various models. As a client looking for a therapist you may be confused by all the different types of counsellors and therapists around, some may say they are humanistic, existential, person centred, client centred, psychodynamic, behavioural etc. Which do you choose? The humanistic model covers existential, person centered, client centred therapies as well as some others. In this article I discuss the humanistic model of person centred/ client centred  therapy developed by Carl Rogers.   Read more

Hypnotherapy to aid Fertility


You may not have thought of hypnotherapy or other holistic therapies to aid conception but research has shown that using mind body techniques can more than double your chance of becoming pregnant 1. There has been a rise in recent years of the number of couples having difficulties and it is thought that 3.5 million people have problems conceiving in the UK alone, that's around 15% of couples trying for a baby taking longer than 1 year to conceive 2. For many there is a physical cause that can be found for infertility 3, but for about a quarter of those having difficulties the cause cannot be found and they are diagnosed with 'unexplained fertility'. There is hope though as there are some changes that you can make to increase your chances of becoming pregnant and hypnotherapy can help you with them. Hypnotherapy can help with some of the major contributors of infertility including weight, smoking and stress. Read more

The Myths of Hypnotherapy


Will you make me cluck like a chicken?

Am I out of control?

Will I tell you my secrets?

Can I get stuck in hypnosis?

These are the types of questions I get asked by new clients and it is often the reason that prevents people from seeking help with a hypnotherapist. These myths (they are not true by the way :) ) are often the result of media sensationalism. To promote hypnosis in this way makes good tv watching, even childrens’ cartoons portray hypnosis as a way to control others in a ‘zombie’ type state (often with spinning eyes!).  It can put people off coming for help, which is a such a shame because hypnotherapy is really effective at helping so many issues – and it feels great! I particularly like helping people overcome anxiety and stress, which is really at the root of many issues anyway. So let me explain a bit about hypnosis as I understand it and how it can help you. Read more

Do Diets make you Fat?


A study by Dr Sally Robinson from Christchurch University in Canterbury found that 22.9% of four to five year olds were overweight or obese, and in the report claims in the last 25 years alone the number of people shown to be overweight or obese has tripled. I have friends who have been horrified by schools wanting to weigh their children at school and label them as overweight (and believe me they don’t look it), who have felt patronised by the healthy eating guides they have been given. Don’t get me wrong – I watched Jamie Oliver’s battle to improve school dinners in Britain with admiration – encouraging fresh quality ingredients over the processed foods many schools were offering was urgently needed. Surprisingly though, the opposition he came against was often from some of the parents, I still remember the ones passing their children Mcdonald’s through the fence.. Read more

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